No Packet? No Worries! You can review and practice your daily work online!

Hi guys!  I wanted to give you all some resources to be able to practice on your own if you haven't had a chance to pick up the new packet.  Hopefully you'll remember from class.  

1. Xtra Math     

This is a great website to help you get faster and faster with your math facts.  Quick!! What is 8X7?  See?  That's why you have to practice your math facts.  I challenge you to practice 10 minutes every day.


Not only will you get faster at typing and get to show off to your friends and family; there are also fun games to play while your practicing!  Including zombies!  How cool is that?  Plus, I played it in class if you remember and I bet you can beat my score if you try.

3. RAZ Kids

All your reading needs are right here!  You can practice your reading skills and become a stronger reader!  Maybe you can take a video and send me a read aloud!  

4. Prodigy

A cool place to level up and get better at the math skills you already know!  Also, keep practicing because I heard a couple of our students are already at a level 60!

The best thing about all these resources is that you can find them easily by signing on to your computer and going to clever.  I look forward to seeing your progress!  As always, you may reach me through REMIND :)  

Hey kiddos!  Welcome to my teacher page!  

On this page, I will be providing updates and resources and is just another way to reach you all during this time.  I sure do miss seeing all of your smiley faces and look forward to when we can see each other again.   Keep checking back for any new posts.  

-Ms. Pond